Hi Mat,

I’m not sure where to leave a review of the seat as I bought it from your outlet on EBay, I have left feedback. I’m happy to leave you a positive review if you can send me a link.

I fitted the WeeRide to my 2015 Kona Kahuna 29er and I have to say other than breathing, it is the easiest thing I have done!

Absolute snip to fit, from the box to test riding with my little pilot was less than 20 minutes, and that included fighting with ‘Jaime’ to put her helmet on!

So far so good, I bought this so we could all enjoy our local trail centre without the need for my wife or I pulling a trailer. I’ll keep clear of the red and black runs with the seat fitted but this is easily capable of coping with the blue grade single tracks, with no impedance on the bars and controls.

Balance and centre of gravity issues are non existent, it truthfully is like having nothing there, I would say though, if you normally ride with a lower tyre pressure (I do) for grip on the trails, it does require you to put a few extra pounds in to cope with the extra weight. If you are purely a Tarmac rider this won’t be an issue for you.

The only is now that I have a running commentary of the route and pretty much constant requests for changes of direction as she wants to follow a squirrel or similar furry creature!!

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product to others. 5* without hesitation!

Best Regards

Rory O’Neill


Hi I just wanted to say how great you guys are. We have had our rider for 6 years, had several children on them (including other families) and it continues to provide a great riding experience for both child and adult. We recently needed to replace the harness straps and on discovering we could simply purchase a new one impressed me so much i needed to say, thankyou. In a world of ‘get a new one’ society, i really appreciate having the ability to simply replace the part that is broken. I’d always expected the straps not to last in harsh out door weather. Thanks for a great product and great service. cheers steph


Hi Mat

Pls see attached pics of the wee ride fitted to a Boardman Team FS as requested

Had it out today with the youngest daughter and she loved it.

Great product, good build quality and a much better design than the rear seats

A little fiddly to fit at first, especially around the head tube as it is oversized on that bike. I’ll have to show the Mrs how to do it so she can fit it to her bike if I’m at work.

All in all very happy with our purchase

Best regards Angus Ogilvie


Hi Mike

Quick one…. We just bought the weeride and it’s brilliant! Have just taken it on a test drive so far but feels great. Just wanted to let you know that it’s been fitted onto a Tokyo Bike… mens frame…. single speed. And it’s perfect!

Great Web site. I admire your story!

Thank you! Nicky


Hi Mat,

We picked up my new bike from Evans with WeeRide Deluxe installed. At first I thought, no way will my kid fit in that tiny seat (Charlie will be 3 in March, but wearing 4yo clothing, he’s tall and heavy (over 15kg) with size 9 feet!) – but he did and didn’t say it was uncomfortable. Personally, the ride home for me was excellent; easy to manoeuvre and felt much safer than the seat at the back on my friends bike that I have been borrowing. I had plenty of room to see over Charlie’s head and am actually looking forward to the school run in January!

Will post a pic as soon as I can get someone to take one.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Happy Xmas πŸ™‚

Tracy Strassburg


Hi and good afternoon, thank you for your email, I purchased a rain poncho from yourselves for my 21month old daughter.

We have a weeride seat and I have fitted it to my Scott elite mountain bike with no problems.

Anabelle absolutely loves it a week at centre parcs cycling everywhere. She was safe and very happy in her weeride and enjoyed looking around and waving at everyone from her royal position!

I saw the poncho which will be ideal for our rainy rides as she always wants to go out on the bike with me now. She even makes sure we have our helmets by tapping hers and then taps and checks mine.

I will attach a picture of my bike for your records with seat fitted.

Our friends were so impressed they have just bought a weeride for their daughter.

Thank you very much the delivery of the poncho was quick and as described. We will probably need it this weekend!

Kind regards

Stu Henderson


Hi Matt, thanks for writing back , I have since fitted the seat to my bike! I watched some of your videos . Went on our first ride yesterday . We love it. It’s a shame that some bike stores don’t have the know how to fit your seats. The weeride is obviously much better than the rear mounted seats that the stores sell. Thanks again

Tom Green

Thanks for these. That is what I thought – see no reason why they don’t fit. I tested with mine, and no problem on clearance of the drops, plenty of space to fix the bar on the stem, space for the baby or for me. And access to the brakes perfectly fine too.

Was curious why you say it can’t be used on drops. Guess it is as you don’t want to encourage a bunch of Lycra racers with babies? I think however the safety of the child is a function of a) good kit (which yours is) and b) good cycling – nothing to do with the fact that the bike has drop bars.

Anyway welcome your thoughts

Dr Mark Jonathan Davis

1/7/14 Dear Mat,

You are very welcome. Customers as a whole are very quick to complain, but also very slow to praise!

My wife & I like to show our appreciation when we purchase something excellent, so credit where credit is due – your Wee Ride is top of the pile!!

We posted that photo on Facebook, after our caravan holiday in Castle Ward, Northern Ireland, and the comments from our friends went through the roof asking what it was called & where it could be purchased, so look out for numerous orders coming in from Belfast and Liverpool!!

Please feel free to use the photo in any future promotional items that you may have, we’d be proud to show off our son enjoying the Wee Ride!!

Best of luck in the future & kind regards, Keith, Vicky & Jamie Crawford (aged 9 months), Belfast.


Superb. Thanks again Mat.

We’re coming to the last few months of using this as our girl is getting big now and if like to comment that it has been fantastic. I have extremely happy memories of riding along practically cuddling my daughter. Chatting, laughing, ringing the bell (lots). I can’t thank you guys enough. Best purchase ever.

Kevin Mully.


Hi again Mat,

Just to let you know, and in case any other shorties get in touch (!), the Ridgeback 603 LX mountain bike (or 602 LX hybrid) with 17″ frame fit the WeeRide perfectly and is comfy for me too! The forks tap the foot cups when you turn more than 30 degrees, but you shouldn’t need to steer more than that anyway and when they tap, the cup moves out to the side, so I went with that instead of the hybrid which wouldn’t have touched the cups, simply as the suspension will hopefully make riding more comfy for me and my daughter.

The staff at Bike were all keen to see the seat up close and one of them asked to test ride my bike with seat fitted too!

Thanks again for all your help,

Sacha Taylor



Just thought I’d drop you a note having put our new Weeride Safefront Deluxe through it’s paces – in summary, it’s fantastic.

Please add Whyte 46 and Kona Lisa to your list of compatible bikes.


Prior to purchasing, I was concerned that there was very little space (height) to clamp to between the toptube and aheadset; I’ve included a couple of close-up photos to highlight how little space there is available on this bike, which had no problems; I would have found this useful. I hadn’t thought much about the restriction to steering by the feet boxes – I think it would have been useful to be made aware of this, and highlight that it really doesn’t restrict the practical use (even when riding off-road).

Are you going to develop a rain cover? – My daughter still really enjoyed the short ride home from nursery in the pouring rain, using our Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat cover. The flap for a handle and mesh sides ensure plenty of ventilation. I think it would be great if there was one designed to fit (also helps keep the seat dry in transit or when sat outside in the rain).

I really can’t believe they aren’t more popular; it always gets compliments, especially when riding some gentle singletrack with a smiling/waving 1yr-old.


Dave Hirst



Just a quick note to say how chuffed I am with the weeride seat my wife bought me for my birthday, I took my 10 month old daughter out on the weekend and we absolutely loved it (photo attached)

I was worried that it would be overly complicated to attach to the bike or a bit clumbersum however it was really easy to fit and doesn’t affect the ability to ride the bike safely in any way.

Pass on my thanks to all involved in getting this product out to the market!

Much appreciated

J Holland


Good Morning,

The product was delivered quickly and efficiently. It was easy to fit and a great product.

We fitted it to a Specialized Myka FSR Elite, it was a tight fit but just fitted. The only issue was it had to be fitted on the front stem post as there was no room on the frame of the bike.

We bought the product from wee ride direct online.

Many Thanks for your excellent customer set service. Gary Mcracken

10/9/12 Hi Mat, This is my daughter Ella enjoying the WeeRide – let me know if you need another picture, maybe more of the bike! 1. My bike (ladies) is a Marin hybrid 2.Picture attached 3. Bought this WeeRide to use on my bike with my 15 month old daughter – wish I’d done it sooner! She really enjoys going out on the bike and I love that she feels safe and secure on the front. I have attached a mirror to my handlebars so I can see her reactions and whether she is okay too! I haven’t mastered putting her in the WeeRide on my own yet but I will have to get used to that soon!! Thoroughly recommend it and my husband is jealous now so we’re looking to buy an extra bar so he can take turns!! Cheers, Dawn Carson


Just a quick note to say thank you for brilliant service!! Ordered at 1100, arrived 0900 the next day!! Why can’t everybody be like that


Chris Wilson


Hi, Sorry, My computer says there are atachments. Here goes then. I fitted the weeride to a muddy fox duel suspension mountain bike. It fitted with no problems whatsoever. I am really pleaseed with the product so far and my little one who is 19 months absolutely loves being in it. He holds on to the front pad and pretends he is driving it. I will e-mail a picture at some point in the future. I would highly reccommend this product to everyone. Many many thanks. Trudie White

3/8/12 Hi Mat

As you probably realise I ordered the WeeRide seat from you. It fits perfectly, though I had to use the longer Allen screws supplied. I also used some neoprene tape under the fittings to further protect the paintwork.

The only problem I had was the rear fitting wanted to go where my mudguard fits so I had to move that up an inch which took about 10 seconds longer.

The seat arrived within 24 hours of ordering it, thank you. My granddaughter loves it.

I can’t understand some of the negative reviews on Amazon from people who say they don’t like angling their legs outwards, and experience chaffing on the inside of their thighs. To me there really is no problem. I’m guessing that different bike frame sizes and peoples body shapes must play a big part in how much the seat intrudes into their leg space, because most people don’t mention that the seat gets in their way.

A great product and I’m very pleased with it and the way your company operates.

I’ve attached 6 photos of the bike fittings. There are certainly no problems fitting to a Mongoose mountain bike.


Colin Grave


Hi Mat, as per email from my work address – am very happy with the WeeRide. I don’t think there’s anything that should have been done differently. I received very good customer service for some pre-purchase enquiries and the purchase process was smooth and efficient. I have fitted it to a Giant Anthem x4 mountain bike. Will forward a photo of the seat in action in due course, Best wishes Andrew Breed

27/7/12 Dear Mat,

Our WeeRide is fine and the service was spot on thanks: no need to change anything in my opinion.

The seat is fitted to a 2011 model Carrera Kraken MTB and I can confirm that it fits without any difficulty.


Jon Wilson


Hi Mat

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the purchase of this. The seat arrived lunchtime on the Thursday so I didn’t need to worry about not being home Friday for it. I hadn’t expected it so soon! And thanks for finding me the orange and white helmet. I am not really a fan of pink everything for little girls. No doubt when she is old enough she will love pink!

We gave the seat a test run this weekend and she really loves it! Its lovely to be able to see her looking around and pointing at things. Once we had had a test run and adjusted my seat height I found it really easy to ride. Glad we got the spare bar too as it was really easy to swap over the seat and we both got to take a turn riding her around.

Thanks again

Miriam Page