WeeRide Australia Mat Newman

In 2006 I needed a bike seat for my child.   Everything I looked at bored me and I thought was over priced.

I am not an impulse purchaser and spent hours online looking at the products, reviews etc.

Then I stumbled upon the WeeRide online. Such a simple, but brilliant idea. It must be dangerous, it was too obvious.

So I wrote to the owners….. The answers made sense, maybe it wasn’t too obvious.So I took the “gamble”, paid my £80 (yes it has held the same price for 8 years now), and bought one.

The first ride was so much fun. Harry was laughing, pointing things out, and I was delighted to find something that we could really enjoy doing together. Plus I was getting some exercise. Ticked all my boxes.

On the way back from our ride the excitement got too much for Harry and he fell asleep. So now I knew what that lump of plastic was at the front, not a steering wheel as I thought.

As soon as I got home I got my wife to take the pic below and then I wrote to the owners.

About Mat Newman

They couldn’t see why a guy who had spent nearly all his working life in the music business could offer them anything. But it was simple to me. I believed in their product 100%. So after numerous emails and chats, they finally took a chance on me. My first meetings with retailers were farcical due to my lack of knowledge on bikes and this retail sector. Let’s be honest, selling in music in those days was not a difficult job!

Now I had a new product, and competition. But the retailers could see past my inexperience and could feel my honest enthusiasm. Ok, enough of my story. The happy ending is we now have the best selling seat in the US and Europe and it is still BY FAR the best child seat you can buy your child. I have now gone through 3 kids on the seat and have used from 6 months up to 5!

Now how many times do you buy a product where the owner of the company is only involved because he loved the product so much himself?