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Child and baby bike seats

We fit over 99% of all bikes out there!

“Yes, we fit your bike!” We fit most bikes normally, and for those who don’t have any space, we now have our Universal Stem Adaptor. See this video for more info. If you are unsure if our seat will fit your bike, email me at the name of your bike or a picture, and I can advise you. We confidently say we fit 99% of bikes now.

Our range of child and baby bike seats are centre mounted on your bike for your peace of mind. Most importantly, unlike front mounted bike seats, centre mounted baby bike seats offer a better riding experience for your child whilst giving you the feeling that the child is more secure with your arms around them.

Combined with our range of tag-alongs and balance bikes, WeeRide has the best products available to get your whole family outdoors enjoying the healthy lifestyle that cycling has to offer.

Questions or Problems?
If you are unsure how to fit, please email WeeRide accepts no responsibility for any damage to a bike where the product has not been correctly fitted.
If in doubt, just ask.


Child & Baby Bike Seats

Ibert Safe-T-Seat


Child & Baby Bike Seats

WeeRide Classic Bike Seat