WeeRide Classic Bike Seat


The WeeRide Classic is the original and best front mounted child seat. This is because it isn’t actually front mounted, but is centre mounted. Front mounted seats put all the child’s weight on the handlebars which means steering is more difficult, your child gets thrown around, and most importantly, are unsafe in our opinion if you need to stop quickly.

Our centre mounted seat puts all the weight centrally and your child is safely wrapped in your arms. The first time you ride the seat you realise why the reviews are so good as it is such fun being able to chat to your child and point things out.

  • A unique CENTRE MOUNTED bike seat for children
  • Number 1 selling seat in the UK and US
  • Recommended for ages from 1-4 years. Though can be used as soon as neck muscles are strong enough ie 6-9 months.
  • Allows the rider to communicate with their child.
  • Child’s needs can be dealt with.
  • Interesting view for the child, not just your back!
  • Patented bar puts weight in centre of bike and not on front like other front seats
  • No attachment to the handlebars which we believe is dangerous
  • You feel the child is more secure with your arms around them.
  • The seat can be fitted easily within 20 minutes
  • The seat can be removed in seconds for solo riding
  • Headrest for baby to sleep, which they do at an early age
  • No dangling legs as moveable footrests
  • Fits all bikes including oversized head tubes and full suspension of 16”+ (except drop handle bars). Comes with its own bar so fits to
  • Ladies and Mens bikes.
  • 5 point safety strap and enclosed movable footrests for child safety
  • Extra bars available for multi bike use
  • Everything you need is in the box including the seat, bar and tools

BOX SIZE 26L X 30W X 50H

Why is WeeRide the best?

The WeeRide seats are the safest and most fun seats you can buy, just go online and read the reviews.

Rear seats destabilise your bike, your child looks at your back and you can’t interact with them. Front seats put the weight on the front of the bike and are uncomfortable for your child.

The WeeRide is a unique Centre Mounted seat.

Why use this product?

My latest child used a WeeRide from 6 months. Most kids can use from 9 months.

The EU standard says from aged 1, but the standard has to be inclusive all the inferior seats out there.

You will stop using the seat at aged 4, which is when most kids want to get out on their own bikes.

How easy is it to use?

Very simple.

There is a small change to your riding style as the seat is in front of you.

Mounting the bike.

Mounting the bike is simple. You can swing your leg over the rear of the bike as you would do normally. You can then lean over to pick your child up and secure them into the seat.

If they are too small to stand up on their own, securely lean your bike against a wall, and put your child in the seat before mounting.

Or better still, have someone else hold your bike.

How hard is it to install?


Installation should only take around 10 minutes.

Here’s a video.

What kind of bike will it fit?

It will fit to all bikes as long as they have between 49cm and 60cm from seat post to headset and 5mm headset space below the handlebar stem.

It will fit men’s, ladies, full suspension, oversized headset, etc.

It will fit most drop handle bar bikes, but the riding position means we don’t recommend fitting to these bikes.

How long will shipping take?

Order cut off is 11.00am, we will ship the same day via AusPost.

I would like to find out more.

Please read our FAQs for answers to most of your questions.


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