WeeRide CoPilot Tagalong -RRP$229, Special Offer Only.......

You want to go for a family bike ride and your five year old wants to ride as well. They are too big for the bike seat but too slow on their own bike. What do you do? The new Weeride Co-Pilot is the answer. Attaching this device to your bike will make your little one feel like they are riding a ‘big’ bike and they won’t slow you down.

The Weeride Co-Pilot is designed for children from four to nine years old. They can pedal forwards, backwards or just coast along not pedalling at all. If you need help getting up a hill you can ask your little darling to pitch in and pedal fast – they’ll love it!

Equiped with a quick release system, you will easily be able to detatch the Weeride Co-Pilot from your bike when you don’t need it. This fabulous piece of equipment even comes with adjustable handlebars, a comfy seat for small bottoms and a safety flag.

And now the 2011 Co Pilot comes with the patented Sync Link Pivot system to ensure the smoothest of rides for your little one.

The Co Pilot is the best value tag a long available, and now with the best pivot.

Price: $199.95